Fifth Floor Music – ABC TV

“RC is a talented composer whose extensive experience and musical acumen put him in a class of his own. His years as music supervisor for General Hospital gave him unique insight and perspective into the marriage of music and picture. That experience coupled with his finely tuned ear and ingenuity allow him to create music that is sensitive, emotional and refined.” July 19, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

1st Caitlin Hill Director, Creative Music Services at ABC Television
Hired RC as a Composer in 2012, and hired RC more than once

Music supervisor, composer
Disney ABC Television Group

“I worked with RC for about 15 years at “General Hospital” where he was a Music Supervisor and I was a Director.
His work was great. As a composer he raised scenes and entire episodes to another level. Several of the shows he wrote received awards largely due to the music he wrote.

He has the ability to work with actors who are trained singers and actors who have absolutely no previous singing experience and make them totally comfortable.

He is able to translate inarticulate “director speak” into exactly what the scene needs.
He has a good time working and makes sure everyone he’s working with has a good time.
And he’s funny.

I could not recommend him more highly.” July 9, 2012
1st Bill Ludel, Director/Writer, Alpheus, INC.
Worked directly with RC at Disney ABC Television Group

“RC is a gifted man of music with a creative ear, professional hard-working attitude and a hip, knowledgeable point of view. a paper trail of his accomplishments and emmy wins are easy – and many – to find. but when you work with him, what you also discover is that RC is a good man. a kind man. a smart man. someone with no attitude. someone fun, thought-provoking and easy to brainstorm with. someone with ideas who can also get down to business. a guy who not only gets what you’re going for with the written word but knows how to underscore it – and the experience – with all the right notes.” June 25, 2012

1st Garin Wolf, Writer, ABC TV
Worked with RC at Disney ABC Television Group

Composer.Music supervisor
“RC and I have worked side by side for nearly 20 years. His contributions to the ABC program General Hospital as a composer, supervisor, arranger and artist exceeded expectations at every turn. As one of the show’s directors, I was constantly impressed by RC’s instincts, creativity, flexibility and mastery. More times than I can count, RC turned individual scenes and entire episodes into magical events. The nature of the production of a daytime drama necessitates the turn around of written material into an edited master in an extremely limited amount of time. Time and time again, RC wrote, recorded and placed cues for one show while simultaneously completing the mix of another show, and turning in 5 hour long episodes in a week, every week, all year long. On top of that, RC is a calm and collected professional who can speak with a director, writer or producer about the mood and emotional intent of an upcoming scene with assurance and grace. He has always given me additional confidence to perform my work at a higher level. RC is intelligent, humorous, affable, sensitive, capable and dedicated. You could not ask for more from anyone.” June 21, 2012

1st Scott Mckinsey, Freelance Director, ABC TV/Disney
worked directly with RC at Disney ABC Television Group